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Haosen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, sample making, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding production assembly, fuel injection, silk screen printing as one of the plastic products manufacturers, the main business: toys, electronic products, electrical products, mobile phone protective sleeve and other plastic products.
Haosen industrial CNC machine, engraving and milling machine, vacuum equipment, advanced production equipment, lathes, milling machines and other molding machine, perfect scientific management system. 600 square meters workshop, in this industry with long-term practice, continue to forge ahead, with strong professional technical ability. According to customer design requirements for products, so that customers get the most satisfactory model.
The company has always been quality centered, to the quality strives for the development, in good faith and enterprising, customer requirements as our pursuit and purpose, if the company can serve for your firm, this is our honor, with our sincere and unremitting efforts, in exchange for your support, and your company to create a brilliant thoughts.
Service concept: reasonable price, prompt delivery, excellent quality, service first. Hope with the new and old customers hand in hand, and common development!
Process of service:1, Design the product 2, Hand 3, Mold 4, Injection 5, Assembly 6, Spraying 7, Market test 8, Packaging

1、Toys categories: clay sculpture dolls, wax-like, toy cars, car simulation, structural actions palm.
2、Home appliances: air conditioning, LCD TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, kettles, coffee maker, electric cooker, juicer, blender, microwave, paper shredder, laminator.
3、Hospital equipment: X-ray machine, hemodialysis, analyzer, electronic health device.
4、Digital communications: mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, cameras, tape recorders, video machines, healthy disk, mouse, calculator, MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, machine digital camera .
5、Various types of lighting: lamps, lights, decorative lights.
6、Traffic categories: cars, motorcycles, electric cars and other parts, lampshade, automotive computers, audio-visual surface shell.
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